The festival’s purpose:

The “Transylvanian fest” is organised to conserve, promote and to perpetuate the culture, the handicrafts and the folk traditions from Transylvania.
To contribute to the keeping of local minorities culture.
To contribute to the creation of a normal relation between all the minorities from Transylvania, to know, to appreciate and to accept the minorities culture.
To support the activity of the amateur’s folk group, childrens and adults groups, village groups and the groups of the minorities.
To promote the young solists of the folk music.
To discuss the major problems concerning the keeping and the capitalization of the folk culture and traditions.
To discuss the tendencies evolution of the way that the songs, the dances and the folk traditions are shown on the stage.
To present and promote the folk culture to the young generation.


To the “Transylvanian fest” festival there are inveted to participate every year the most valuable folk groups and the most known folk singers from Transylvania.
During the festival it took place the handicraftmen’s fair where there are invited to participate the most famous handicraftmen from all over the country.


All the participants get participation diplomas. The most valuable folk masters, folk singers and folk groups get Diplomas of Excelency.
The “Transylvanian fest” Trophy goes to the most impressive folk group.
The “Dragan Munteanu” Trophy and the 5.000.000 lei prize offered by the Cluj Napoca Police Department goes to the folk singers for their contribution to the keeping and to the promotion of the folk culture and traditions from Transylvania.
The prizes will be handed over by a jury made of the festival’s organizers.

Rules of participation

The “Transylvanian fest” festival is taking place every year for three days, in May, in Cluj Napoca. The folk groups, the solists and the handicraftmen invited in the festival must confirm in writing their participation with at least 15 days before the first day of the festival. Once with the confirmation the participants must send to the organizers their presentation informations: the group’s componence, their history, the repertory, the program proposed to be presented in the festival, and so on (on flopy disk or CD) together with a photography for the festival’s album and for the posters.
The costume’s and the groups parade is taking place in the opening of the festival in the center of the town. All the participant groups must be in Avram Iancu Place at 1600 (PM) dressed in their costumes and with a placard with the group’s name on it. The parade starts at 1700 . The music must be performed live. The participants groups must present a program of 20 minutes, in which they must show the most representative songs, dances, and costums from their folcloristic zone, in a very authentic way. The groups that are from outside the city will get one free meal for a maximum of 35 persons. The transport expances will be suported by each group.
The organizers are reserving their rights to modify the festival’s regulations and the criterions of granted the trophies depending on the future’s complexity of the festival.

The festival’s sections:

At this moment the festival’s sections are:
- Childrens folk groups
- Adults folk groups
- Village folk groups
- The folk groups of the minorities
- Folk solists
- Folk handicraftmen