The festival of culture and traditions from Transylvania “ The Transylvanian fest”- the biggest folkloric event from Transylvania and from surroundings- is taking place every year in Cluj-Napoca in May. The festival made it’s debut at the initiative of the director of the folkloric group “Dor transilvan”, Mister Tiberiu Groza, being organized by the cultural foundation “Etnostar” together with: the Town Hall of Cluj-Napoca, the Inspectorat of Culture from Cluj, the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania.
At the first edition from 2000, participated the ensembles Dor Transilvan, Martisorul, Romanasul, Mugurelul, Somesul-Napoca, Transilvania-16 Februarie, Doina, Nunta Zamfirei and the bands Semnal M and Cargo

13 folkloric groups from Cluj, Mures and Salaj participated at the secondedition that took part in 2001,when together with the institute’s ensembles (Dor Transilvan and Somesul-Napoca), the students ensembles (Martisorul, Romanasul and Mugurelul), the ensembles of childrends (Doina, Izvorasul and Nunta Zamfirei) it participated for the first time the ensembles of the Hungarian, German and gypsy’s minorities represented by the next groups: Zurbolo, Szarkalab, Bogancs from Cluj, “Open hearts” from Targu Mures and “Rom P-o Drom” from Almasu, Salaj.

Every evening of the festival ended with the concert of some great folkloric singers: Frat Peters, Gheorghe Zamfir and Cornel Borza. At this festival, beside the parade of the ensembles and the shows that they made, it took part the launching of the autobiographical book of Gheorghe Zamfir “Blessing or Curse
The second edition of the festival tried to show the appreciation that the artists like Fratii Petreusi and Gheorghe Zamfir deserve and to encourage the valuables young artists like Cornel Borza.

The third edition form 2002 was the biggest one. The participation enlarged at over 25 folkloric ensembles for childrens, students, adults and rural ensembles. At the “Targul maestrilor populari” that took place during the festival it participated over 100 folk artists from all over the country. For the first time it participated the rural ensembles from Mociu, Urca, Frata and Triteni and also the representatives of the Armenian and Jewish communities.
A very beautiful and colorful moment was the concert upholded by the “Fanfara din Chietris”, fanfare leaded by the brothers Constantin and Gheorghe Lucan.
On the second day of the festival took place the symposium “The keeping and the capitalization of the traditions and the folkloric culture from Transylvania” with the participation of some important specialists in the study of the popular culture and traditions.

As a result of the dimensions and the complexity of this event, the Romanian Television took over the ensembles and groups show that took place on the third day of the festival.
Thanks to the interest and the support of the District Council of Cluj to this event, the most valuable popular artists and the most valuable ensembles received prices and diplomas of participation. The most important price “The Trophy of the Transylvanian Fest” was granted to Dumitru Farcas- as a sign of appreciation for the entire artistic activity- with the opportunity of the recital held at the end of the festival. This trophy was also granted to the folk ensemblee Somesul-Napoca for the masterliness, the beauty and the authenticity of their dances.
Through the participation of the 25 folkloric ensembles, of almost 100 popular artists from all over the country and of the Fanfare from Chietris, Moldova, the festival “Transilvanian Fest” surpassed its own statute of regional festival even from the third edition.

The 4th edition that took place in 2003 was characterized by the rising number of the ensembles from other counties: “Cununa de pe Somes”-from Bistrita, “Mesesul”-from Salaj and “Doina Aiudului”-from Alba.
At this edition was set up the “Dragan Muntean Trophy” worth 5.000.000 lei that will be granted annually by the Police Department of Cluj-Napoca, to the most valuable folk singer from the festival. The first laureate of this trophy was the beloved folk artist Achim Nica for the entire artistic activity. The “Transylvanian Fest Trophy”- edition 2003 was granted to the ensemblee of childrens “Doina” from Cluj.
At this edition, next to Achim Nica, performed Angela Nistor, Maria Lobont, Alexandru Pugna and the winner from last year Dumitru Farcas.
We hope we will be able to organize the 5th edition of this festival with the participation of the Romanian minority’s ensemblee from the countries neighboring, thanks to the involvement of the District Council of Cluj, of the Town Hall, of the Local Council Cluj-Napoca and of the Police Department of our county.

The Director of the festival
Tiberiu Groza